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The 10 Best Secure Firewalls Available With Free Trials to Be Used In January 2024

In Modern era all the systems and the network devices are connected to the internet. To provide security and privacy to the internal networks of the companies and the organizations, firewalls are used as the front end security devices. Here, I am listing all the top 10 best Firewalls that are available with free trials. This list would help you to choose a suitable firewall as per your needs. Read along to find the best Firewalls and FAQs.

  • Score
    You Get
    Free Trial period
  • 10.0

    • Helps in preventing breaches
    • Detect and stops threats
    • Manage the security policies easily
    • Can deploy new devices quickly
    • Start within a minute duration
    • Provides unified management of firewalls, application control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, and malware defense
    30 days
  • 9.8

    • Comes with comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS
    • Offers sandboxing.
    • Web and App control.
    • Anti-phishing
    • Fully featured Web application interface.
    30 days
  • 9.5

    • Wifi protection
    • Two Way traffic monitoring
    • Early Boot Protection
    • Identity protection
    • Advanced settings control
    • Anti phishing
    • Uses zero day protection
    Free trial available as Free version
  • 9.25

    • Notifications for firewall changes
    • Monitors activity from targeted devices
    • Allows only authorized firewall administrators to make changes to firewall
    • Offers the capability to create custom filters to identify specific firewall events
    • Network configuration manager
    • Network Bandwidth analyzer
    • Storage resource monitor
    30 days
  • 9.0

    • Stateful packet inspection
    • Offers GeoIP blocking
    • Comes with Anti-spoofing capability
    • Facility of Time Based Rules
    • Can limit the connection
    • Inbound and Outbound NAT mapping
    free trial
    available with free
    community version
  • 8.8

    • Stateful firewall
    • MultiWAN
    • Integrated IPsec support
    • Hardware Failover
    • Intrusion detection and prevention
    • Web filtering
    • Interactive interface
    Free version available
    for free trial
  • 8.5

    • Application control
    • Intrusion Prevention system
    • Advanced Threat Protection
    • Comes with VPN
    • TLS/SSL Decryption and inspection
    • Network segmentation capability
    30 days
  • 8.25

    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Can mitigate Layer 3,4 and 7 DDOS attacks
    • Block the hacking attempts with the help of server hardening
    • Custom rules and smart caching options
    • Prevents zero day exploits
    30 days
  • 7.75

    • Comprehensive security at the gateway to stop hacking attempts and to block malware and phishing
    • Next –Generation filtering of the data packets
    • Deep analysis along with notification and alert
    • Advanced threat prevention
    • Browser Based control
    14 days
  • 7.5

    • Visual Network monitoring
    • Network alerts
    • Bandwidth Visual monitor
    • Network alerts
    • Lockdown mode
    7 days
Most Commonly Asked Questions related to free trial Firewalls

Do you have to pay for firewall?

There are a number of firewalls available at zero cost in the market. These can be helpful to keep your networks and resources protected. Other than that reputed firewalls such as Zonealarm and Solarwind are also available with free trials to get hands on experience about their pros and cons.

What does a Firewall cost?

For small businesses the hardware firewall can cost in a range of $700 to $15000. But most of the businesses, sizing around 20 to 100 users went upto the range of $3000.
For home or small purposes, the firewalls are much cheaper as compared to the commercial firewalls.

Which free firewall is the best?

Zonealarm, OPNsense and Pfsense are the best free firewalls that can be used for Non commercial or micro businesses. These provide amazing features and security without any cost.

What is the cheapest firewall?

Sophos and SonicWall are among the popular firewall that come at a minimal price to provide your system with the appropriate security and privacy.

Is OPNsense better than PfSense?

The user interface and user interaction is better in OPNsense as compared to Pfsense. But when online updates and documentation are considered, Pfsense seems to be the winner. OPNsense is stronger in code quality and regular releases. OPNsense works on HardenedBSD which is much better as compared to Pfsense that is based on FreeBSD.

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